According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, nearly 2,000 U.S. workers suffer a job-related eye injury every single day. The Palm Beach County eye doctors at Visual Health do not want any of our patients or readers to risk this. We encourage you to spend a few minutes learning about workplace eye injuries and how to defend yourself against injuries.

Common Eye Injuries that Occur at Work

  • Chemicals or foreign objects in the eye
  • Cuts or scrapes on the cornea
  • Splashes from grease and oil
  • Burns from steam
  • Ultraviolet exposure

Defending Yourself against an Eye Injury

Be aware of the potential hazards. Being aware and informed of potential workplace hazards is the first step to reducing your risk of an eye injury.

Wear the proper eye protection. Medical experts believe that wearing the proper eye projection — whether its goggles, safety glasses or a face shield — can reduce the severity and prevent the overwhelming majority of eye injuries in the workplace. Even if wearing safety eyewear is optional, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Select the right type of protection for your workplace, and make sure the gear is in good condition, fits well and remains securely in place. Clean it regularly.

Have your vision tested for problems. Leaving vision problems untreated can raise the risk of an injury. Have vision checks regularly and talk to a doctor about vision correction if needed.

Plan for an emergency. Familiarize yourself with emergency protocol, access routes and eyewash stations. Learn basic first aid.

Digital Eyestrain

Another workplace hazard that we mentioned in a previous blog post is digital eyestrain, or a group of eye and vision problems stemming from the prolonged use of a computer, tablet or smartphone. Being as most Americans spend around seven hours a day in front of the computer at home or the office, digital eyestrain is a big threat. This may lead to “tired” eyes if glasses are needed or are not the correct prescription for the computer distances. We often blink less when reading so dry eyes can cause the strained feeling. Check out our post for tips on how to prevent digital eyestrain.

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