Today there are four different types of lenses for cataract surgery. One is a standard mono-focal lens for distance, that often needs glasses for best vision for distance, computers and reading. The second type is a multi-focal lens, the Tecnis Multi-focal by AMO has three types to customize the results for each patient’s needs. They provide good vision at distance, computer distance and for reading. They are also the only lenses classified by the FDA as high definition night vision lenses. The most common comment from patients with these lenses is “This is the best thing I ever did for myself”. They provide the benefits of youthful eyes at any age.

The third is the Crystalens, which is similar in that it provides good distance and computer distance vision for most people. A few people can even read with it. I have found that the desired result is not as predictable as the others. AMO also has a lens called the Symphony which is for distance up to and including computer distance but not reading vision. It’s only advantage is that with large amount of astigmatism, it can still correct the vision to include computer distance.

The fourth lens is a Toric lens from three companies for the correction of astigmatism. It is designed to reduce the need for distance glasses.

The standard lens procedure is performed at no additional cost in cataract surgery. All others cost an additional amount due to the lens costs, multiple additional tests, astigmatism reduction and occasionally fine tuning if needed and desired.