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Educational Articles

Glasses are not strong enough to read, you may have low vision


Dr. Scott Hearing.

Many people, especially seniors, can no longer comfortably read with regular eye glasses.  Low vision is defined as having a best corrected vision of 20/70 or worse even with glasses.  This definition takes into account that you had all of the necessary medical and surgical treatments for your eyes such as cataract surgery or laser surgery or other forms of medical treatment for conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.  People with low vision can benefit from stronger reading lights, LED flashlights, magnifying glasses, and many other devices.  Simple strategies like larger print books, large print checks and writing with a black pen on white paper are often helpful.  Many of the consumer electronic devices and e-readers like the Kindle DX large print e-reader from Amazon, the I-phone and I-pad from Apple are easily adaptable to help people with people with low vision.  Several internet low vision forms are available to assist low vision patients with using these devices.  Special computer software from Ai Squared such as ZoomText coupled with a large print keyboard is available.  Additional electronic magnifying devices and reading machines are available from Enhanced Vision Systems.  Low vision specialists help you with special glasses and rehabilitation techniques,  working in conjunction with occupational therapists or certified low vision therapists.  The veteran’s administration has a great program for low vision and blind rehabilitation.  One of the landmark centers in the country is located here at West Palm Beach Veetrans Administration Medical Center.  Finally, the Lighthouse for the Blind and the Florida Outreach Center for the Blind of West Palm Beach are valuable assetts to helping anyone with low vision.  For more information regarding treatment with low vision, please contact Dr. Scott Hearing at Visual Health who can refer you to a certified low vision specialist.


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